Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Turn Your Day of The Dead Floral Crown Into 10 More Costume Ideas

The Day of the Dead skeleton woman isn't the only boney lady to rock floral headpieces. The Catrina female skeleton, known as the "Lady of the Dead," is one of the most important figures in any Day of the Dead celebration.

The whole celebration is actually supposed to be dedicated to her. Lucky girl. One of her trademarks is her flower crown made of marigolds, carnations, roses, and just about any blooming blossom. But don't get bigheaded you pancake-faced jellybones... you're not the first lady to put flowers on your head.

Scott McKenzie suggested it in 1967: "If you are going to San Francisco. Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair."

Led Zeppelin sweetly sung it in 1971: "Someone told me there's a girl out there with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair."

And now I'm telling you: "Go out and get yourself a flower crown."

In case you need any last-minute Halloween ideas, or just want to be entertained, check out these 10 creatures/people/the mes who also wear flowers in their hair.

1. Fairies

These mystical creatures not only live among Sprinkler Installation Flower Mound the flowers, but they've been depicted with floral garlands wrapped around their heads way before they ruined True Blood.



2. Hippies

This is the original flower crown to the watered-down Coachella wreath(see below).


3. Women in the Victorian era who could afford cool hats

If you could only afford a bonnet I feel for you.


4. Marie Antoinette (Sofia Coppola's version)

The woman everyone loved to hate. Her ridiculous head pieces were rarely restricted to just flowers. Throw some dead birds on there... Hell, through the whole bird cage on there, and call it a day.



5. Girls at Coachella

I'm not even go into this one. Enough said in the title.



6. Frida

src="" width="470"/>(GLinGGLoMo/Flickr)

7. Little girls doing their First Communion

For some reason floral crowns and First Communions go hand in hand. The ents-gain-ground-philadelphia-flower-show proof is in the pictures.



8. Alphonse Mucha and the entire Art Nouveau style

If only real life were in these colors. These women always looked so comfortable to me. They're just chillin'...semi-naked... in pretty colors... with pretty flowers... listening to Master P probably. What else would they be listening to?




9. Brides

Besides saying yes to the dress, brides must ask themselves the other important question: "yay" or "nay" to wearing flowers in their hair. It is almost impossible to spot an outdoor wedding where the bride doesn't have a flower in her hair. I dare you.



This guy's outfit must've made for an interesting wedding night.


10. High Fashion

Floral headpieces always make their way into at least one runway every season. Last Fall 2012 it was Dolce & Gabbana's.


BONUS ONE. Lana Del Rey

This girl can't go through a photoshoot without pulling out a floral crown.



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